Regency Home Health Care Agency was incorporated in June 2006 here in Chicago, IL. We were Medicare certified in December 2008 and at the same time CHAP – Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. - accredited.

Regency Home Health Care is a part of UNITED REHAB PROVIDERS which has served patients in Chicago for the past ten years. Both these organizations are owned and operated by four Physical Therapist's who together have over 70 years of experience in the Health Care Industry.Both these organizations have their origins in Chicago with their entire staff being from either the north or south side. Since our roots are in Chicago we have a very personal as well as professional concern for all of our patients. Be their Bears, Cubs, Sox, Bulls, or Blackhawks' fans we understand their passion for our great city and all it has to offer. It is our mission to assist them in healing in their homes.