Stroke Recovery

Our Stoke Recovery at Home Program enables us to deliver quality care for our patients who have recently suffered from stroke by educating them and their caregivers on all aspects of recovery including prevention of future strokes and the recognition of early warning signs.
Stroke Recovery at Home is based upon national standards and evidence based practice. Patients appropriate for our program include those who have a primary diagnosis of stroke or have a stroke related disorder such as weakness, paralysis, or dysphagia.
Our treatment plan promotes a healthy lifestyle, while reducing complications with the after effects of stroke.

Benefits to Patients/Caregivers and Physicians

  • Recognizing early warning signs and symptoms
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Reduced need for emergency care
  • Multidisciplinary care team approach
  • Treatment in the comfort of home versus an inpatient facility
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Improved quality of life
  • Chicago founded agency understands the local population